Cordkillers Ep. 44 – Mushy Middle

Who buys digital stuff anymore? IS CBS doing streaming news right? Is Wal-Mart’s Vudu stick useless?

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CordKillers: Ep. 44 – Mushy Middle
Recorded: November 10, 2014
Guest: Chad Johnson

Intro Video 

Primary Target

Signal Intelligence

  • CBS launches 24-hour streaming news channel
  • -CBSN – 24 hour news channel with live programming 9-Midnight Eastern
    – Some original some borrowed from CBS News and Sports.
    – Skip around previous segments, see what segments are next.
    – Web, Roku, Fire TV, Windows 8 (Android by end of year)

Gear Up

Front Lines

Under Surveillance

2014 Winter Movie Draft

  1. Scott: $105,877,702
  2. Justin: $19,618,437
  3. Brian: $0
  4. Tom: $0
  5. John: $0
  6. Brett: $0

Dispatches from the Front

My boss and I had tried to do something very similar to the movie but it never panned out. I love that you guys have kept it going and seems like it’s growing among all the listeners. For those of you have played Fantasy football, Yahoo likes to do a grade system after the draft to add some flair and post draft analyst. Although a week late, Here you guys go! 

Mulango Akpo-Esambe


Hi Tom, Brian and guest. Just a note about the Atari Game Over documentary coming to Xbox Live. On this weeks Major Nelson Podcast which is made by a bunch of Xbox employees Jeff Rubenstein from the Xbox community team mentioned that the documentary is available to both Gold and Silver members. Meaning that you don’t have to be paying for Xbox Live to see the documentary.

From your boss, Nik.


I have a roku 2 xs, and chromecast. Thinking of dropping directv and would move roku 2 to bedroom tv as it has composite out as that tv does not have hdmi. What do you recommend in addition to the chromecast to get amazon prime instant and why? A new roku, a roku stick, or amazon firestick, this is just so I can get prime on the TV chromecast works great for netflix, hulu, and hbogo.

Thanks for the insight.

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