The Instance #137 – Come On Down!

Had a fantastic time guest-hosting on one of my favorite podcasts yesterday. The Instance with Randy Jordan and Scott Johnson is a World of Warcraft podcast. The only thing that sucks about being on it is that I love to listen to it, and now I already have. But that shouldn’t cheat you. We talk about some wide-ranging tech stuff actually inclusing the eco-system for independent modders.

Listen to the episode at this link:

#016 – The S&L Podcast: Pants!

This week we check in on the beginning of the Wheel of Time series. Veronica’s ahead of me and says the thing really picks up right after the point I stopped. Which makes me think she’s just trying to get me to start reading again. Which is fine. One of the problems is I’m reading Watchmen at the same time in advance of the movie. I’ll share a few impressions about that with you as well. We also discuss the book Daemon as reviewed on Slashdot. Should it be our next book choice?

Finally we take some reader comments, including a Wheel of Time Drinking Game and someone calling the last book “pants.” We’re pretty sure that means he didn’t like it. Welcome to the wonderful world of monthly Sword and Laser! Woo-hoo! Pant

Special thanks to Jonathan Coulton for the use of his song, Mr. Fancy Pants! Go buy it here!

The IRC channel is up!

As promised in the most recent podcast, our good friend Ryan (a.k.a. TuxOtaku) has set up a Sword and Laser IRC channel! Here are the details:

Room: #swordandlaser

We’ll be doing some scheduled chats soon, but otherwise feel free to pop in and say hello from time to time! Just be mindful of spoilers (in fact, let’s keep current book discussion to a minimum unless otherwise noted).

The Sword and Laser 16: Pants!

Sword and Laser bannerIn this installment of our new monthly format, we talk about our progress in the current book selection from Robert Jordan. We also touch on Watchmen, Daemon, and of course, pants.

Get the episode here.