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Musk demanda a OpenAI por violación de contrato – NTX 352

Revelan Centro del ejército mexicano para monitorear y manipular redes, WhatsApp le gana a Pegasus y Musk demanda a OpenAI. MP3 Puedes  SUSCRIBIRTE AQUÍ. Temas: -Denuncian espionaje y manipulación del […]

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Large Language Money – DTNS 4717

As large social media sites and platforms make deals to provide training data to AI operators will users be negatively impacted? Plus Elon Musk is suing OpenAI, Sam Altman and […]

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Facebook Is Getting Out Of The News Business – DTH

Meta is getting rid of the news tab in Facebook, a judge rules Tesla must face a class action lawsuit from nearly 6000 Black workers, and Elon Musk is suing […]

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