Cordkillers: Ep. Beta 2 – Ear love

Are more people really cutting the Internet than TV? The answer is sort of, if you squint. And find out what game is the most pirated video of 2013 with thrones.

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Cord Killers Beta 2 – Ear love
Recorded: December 29 2013
Guest: Fraser Cain

Intro Video

Primary Target

Secondary Target

Signals Intelligence

Gear Up

Moving Targets

Front Lines

Winter Movie Draft

  1. Justin Robert Young: $503,513,000
  2. Fr. Robert Ballecer: $485,056,000
  3. Casey McKinnon: $445,324,422
  4. Jeff Cannata: $350,016,348
  5. Tom Merritt: $252,303,646
  6. Brian Brushwood: $177,515,619

Under Surveillance

Dispatches from the Front

  • Great start to the new show, thanks for bringing us what we want when want and whatever…

    When Netflix launched profiles back in the summer, they broke parental controls by allowing kids to choose which profile to login with. Since there’s no authentication or PIN for profiles, kids can start watching Human Centipede or whatever they want, when they want etc.

    I emailed you guys about this when profiles launched and you thought it was a niggle that Netflix would sort out. Nearly 6 months in and it hasn’t changed despite other changes to the service and software.

    I’m the parent and it’s my responsibility to protect my kids, but if the tools aren’t there to help me supervise their viewing, then I won’t let them use the service, simple. But that’s not really in Netflix’s interest, surely?



  • Never lose the sharpie on cardboard!
    That is all.



  • Thanks for changing the format of the video in the feed. Was frustrating seeing that I got the beta episode, but wasn’t downloaded. (Course, went to the website to grab it).

    Now, can you offer a smaller sized version of the video? 1.28GB is kinda huge for video file to play on a phone.

    Just asking.



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