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Cordkillers 197 – Kibbles in My Keyboard

New plans for Marvel, Plex can delete commercials from your DVR recordings, and we check in on the gear and services we use to watch our stuff.

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CordKillers: Ep. 197 – Kibbles in My Keyboard
Recorded: November 27 2017
Guest: None

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Hey guys!

Just wanted to follow up after my email caused a stir regarding how I have been using Moviepass.

It does take 7 movie tickets in order to get enough points for a free small popcorn, and I upgrade it to a large for $2.00. Before Moviepass, I NEVER bought conscessons (I’m in my mid 20s) and now I spend $2 almost every time I see a movie. It’s not like they are losing money I would have spent, I wouldn’t buy popcorn at all and just see the movie. Based on the ticket cut and how cheap popcorn is to make, I believe Regal is still benefiting from my Moviepass adventures.

Regarding the Moviepass terms of service, I’ll need to take a closer look…

Thanks for the show,



Hey guys,
I cut the cord yesterday and stumbled across your podcast (and love it!). Since I’ve only listened to a couple episodes so far, maybe you’ve already addressed these topics (and sorry if that’s the case) but I had a couple of questions for you.
A little background first – I live in West LA, my cable company was Spectrum, I currently have Netflix and Hulu subscriptions and view them on the Roku. I also ordered an HDTV antenna to install on my roof and suspect I’ll be able to get the main channels for free. Now, the questions – 1) I need a new internet provider… not sure where to go… were you guys in the same situation? What was your solution? (Spectrum was charging too much and wouldn’t budge on price so I cancelled it on a whim, it will be shut off on Dec 12).
2) My only real issue now is how I’ll watch my favorite show (Better Call Saul!). There’s no AMC on Hulu and I really don’t want to pay Sling $20/month for ONE SHOW. Is there another way to watch it when it airs again? Should I buy episodes as they air on Amazon Prime? Assuming they’re available the next day. Is there a better way?
Thanks again for the podcast. Great job, and I’ll pass the word along to my friends!



Hello Tom and Brian,

I wondering if you think Disney’s new streaming service could be the return of the “Disney Vault”?

For the audience members who might not know what this it. During the VHS era, Disney would pull movies from stores and they would disappear for years to be re-released in some sort of new edition that had nothing new about it.

I am wondering if we could something like that happen with all Disney content. You go on iTunes, Google Play, Netflix, etc. and movies like Star Wars, The Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney Animation can not be purchase or watched unless you subscribe to Disney’s Streaming Service. Then every time there is an anniversary of a films release they allow it to be sold on other platforms for a limited time at a marked up price.

Also, I could see Disney tier their service where you pay different prices for access to more popular content.

What are your thoughts on this? Speak to me oh Captains of Cordkilling!!



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